Two types of adhesives are used for safety seals, in conjunction with the hologram:



The well-known VOID stamp, when ripped, leaves the word “VOID” marked across the surface of the label, immediately denoting the violation. 

The adhesive can not be applied to another location because it loses some of the glue and background material when it is torn. Available in silver color.




The destructible seal, also known as the “eggshell”, is completely dismantled upon being torn off, releasing itself into patches and rendering it impossible to preserve or rebuild. Available in matte white.




When to use VOID or Destructible:

For the purpose of security, the most appropriate material must be chosen: VOID or destructible. The VOID has the best appearance, mainly silver, because the destructible is dark and only exists in white color. 




The VOID, when poured into very fine material, can come off without denoting the attempted rape.




Larger grammars, such as paper towels, plastic or solid surfaces, already allow the use of VOID.

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